Own Your Shit [weekly thread]

January 27, 2015

A fundamental core principle here is that you are the judge of yourself. This means that you have to be a very tough judge, look at those areas you never want to look at, understand your weaknesses, accept them, and then plan to overcome them. Bravery is facing these challenges, and overcoming the challenges is the source of your strength. Hiding these weaknesses is bravado, beta, and people can smell the weak frame from miles away. Own Your Shit is the only way to make you own path in life.

In this thread we welcome everyone to disclose a weakness they have discovered about themselves. The idea is similar to some of the activities in “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. You are responsible for identifying your weakness or mistake, not blaming others but yourself, and even better, start brainstorming about how to become stronger. The weaker you are in an area, the more important you work on it hard. Mistakes are the most powerful teachers, but only if we listen to them. Embrace this.

As an example, see one of my first posts here where I identified several of my weaknesses. By being honest about my weaknesses, people gave me concrete advice, and I was to train to become strong quickly. I noticed improvement right away. If I had lied about my weaknesses, or just posted bravado about being alpha, I would have never become stronger in these areas.

We encourage constructive suggestions on how to overcome weaknesses. Think of this as a boxing gym. If you found out in your last fight your legs were stiff, we encourage you to admit this is why you lost, and come back to the gym decided to train more to improve that. At the gym the others might suggest some drills to get your legs a bit looser or just give you a pat in the back. It doesn’t matter that you lost the fight, what matters to us is that you are deciding to become stronger. However, don’t call the gym saying “Hey, someone threw a jab at me, what do I do now?”. We discourage reddit puppet play-by-play advice.

This thread is about you finding how to work on yourself more to achieve your goals by becoming stronger. It isn’t about telling you how to fight your fights. The tone should be one of acceptance and brotherhood, this isn’t the thread to call people beta for being weak. Owning Your Shit is a core alpha trait.

Gentlemen, Own Your Shit.

This is our first attempt to see the interest in a weekly thread. Depending on the response we might adjust the frequency.

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