OYS Weekly Livestream 12/15/2020

December 11, 2020

This week's OYS livestream is accessible from /u/weakandsensitive youtube page.

Sign-ups are available here.

Last week there were no sign ups. That doesn't bother us, as it means we go through a bunch of random OYS posts that we find interesting.

However, I would encourage people to either volunteer someone's OYS or to volunteer your own. I can only assume that people are afraid to volunteer their OYS posts. The big mean internet people might make you feel bad. The direct feedback on your OYS posts can be humbling. It may hurt your ego. But it may help orient you in the right direction.

If you're stuck and can't understand why you're not making progress, this is a good opportunity to understand why that may be the case.

Don't just take my word for it. Here's what people have said about the stream:

  • Threekindsoflucky has a really sexy voice and I would probably turn gay for him - /u/johneyapocalypse

The stream will go on with or without volunteers. But you'd be silly not to take advantage of it.

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