Push-Pull to create attraction in your LTR

January 27, 2015

Push-Pull is a deliberately confusing and inconsistent series of signals to ostensibly drive the other person into a frenzy of desire and need.

It is long associated with Pick up Artists. I believe this technique can be wildly effective in an LTR.

Push means pushing her away. Saying or doing things that imply a lack of interest.

Pull is the opposite. You are expressing interest. You are flirting. This is Pull mode

Push/Pull creates tension in a woman. The tension increases and is released. The technique is perfect for creating the emotional roller coaster that women NEED.

Example: Get away from me. I cant have you around. You are too damn Sexy



not fully answering her questions

leaving a mystery about yourself

breaking rapport

anything at all that makes HER chase




positive statements

creating rapport

Keep in mind that when pushing-- your frame should be amused mastery.. not asshole/douchebag. You are having fun. Smile.

Women who are pushed tend to chase to close the emotional space you provided. "Women love Jerks" is a proven theory.

Now that you have their attention.. Pull them in. Do this with frame. You are genuinely interested. Not supplicating or attention seeking.

Some recent examples from my life may help illustrate:

A friend of mine came in from out of town. Wife knew I had plans to leave after the kids went to bed. She asked where I was going and who would be there... I didn't answer... Pulled her in for a kiss and said it was "top secret" and strolled out like royalty.


Last night we are fucking and I told her how great she is in bed. Asked if she likes fucking me "yes... yes..." then I asked her if she wants to share me. "No.. No.. she said. Then fuck me harder I commanded.

Anything that creates some turbulence mixed with comfort will create a very happy woman

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