Red Pill in marriage - 6 month review

February 18, 2015

I have swallowed the pill and worked this into my 15+ year marriage for about 6 months now, and I thought I would offer my observations and insights. Feedback is more than welcome (flame away) -- First, a huge thank you to the community here, especially the mods, for their support. Here is a bullet list, in no particular order.

  • This works. My marriage is better, my wife is more attracted to me, and most importantly, I am more attracted to me.
  • This is all about YOU - yes you get to finally learn about how your wife (all women) think and feel- but you also learn you cannot change them (AWALT). You can change YOU.
  • Your mirror gets real. Seeing why your wife is not attracted to you is painful. But going alpha means not being a victim, but instead a man who can become who he wants to be.
  • Going alpha and becoming the captain of your family feels awesome. Doubt gives way to pride as you believe in yourself. If sex wasn't even in the equation, this would be reason enough to have a red pill marriage.
  • Consistency is key. Maintaining Frame has been THE most important component above all. I still fail on occasion. (last night I failed a clear shit test, so was rightfully denied sexy time). But you need to get right back to the new you. Even though this is the new norm, it is still continual work.
  • More sex and better sex.. I think. By changing my focus to my natural (and rightful) urges and going caveman on her - instead of worrying about her pleasure - sex seems better for both of us, and more often. I now have sex when I dont want to - to keep the new routine consistent.
  • Being faithful has become a struggle, as a side effect has been the red pill effect on other women. Sharing those details with my wife (or her witnessing this) has increased my SMV.
  • subreddits red pill and ask red pill or worthwhile for browsing, but their outlook and much of their advice would destroy a marriage. browse for inspiration only.
  • I have gotten better at recognizing comfort tests, and it is essential that beta is mixed in with your alpha.
  • I am not able to be as beta as I naturally want to be (or was trained to be?). I miss the great amount of cuddling and having her take care of me - that the old blue pill me had. Being Alpha is a more lonely road, but one my family needs.
  • from my POV, red pill is not about getting your wife to love you. it is getting her to be more attractive to you, to respect you more and follow your lead. Understand that some red pill methods will increase attraction but decrease love. IE - she will be turned on, but think you are more of an asshole. Consider this with what you choose to implement and to what extreme.
  • I have a long way to go, and more of the pill to swallow. I still struggle with maintaining frame with the kids, saying a hard NO to my wife, and sexy time still needs quality improvement. But I like the new me. I am proud to be a man, to have urges for my wife and to take her. I love the shit-eating grin that helps frame my new outlook and personality. I am off the couch and leading my marriage and family, and it is a role that I was born for.

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