Review: Tanner Guzy's Men's Fashion Coaching Program

July 12, 2017

I recently finished up Tanner Guzy's coaching program on developing your sense of fashion/dress. Since that's a common topic in here, and a subject of many men's MAPs, I thought I'd post a review and some thoughts.

I should state upfront: I have no affiliate connection with Tanner and did not know him before I signed up for the program. I don't, like, get new suits when you sign up for his newsletter or whatever.

I'm also not Tanner Guzy in disguise. So.

Why I Was Looking For a Coach

A few months ago I decided I needed more direction in my journey towards improving my fashion sense. I was buying lots of new, "nicer" clothes, but they just weren't fitting together in a coherent "style."

I tended to buy things I thought I liked, but would then come to dislike pretty quickly. I wasn't really sure why certain things seemed to fit me great, while other, similar items seemed to make me look dumb.

I know that how I dress really affects my confidence, self image, and frame...and frame's a huge issue for me. Leveraging a change in fashion (a relatively simple and quick fix) to help me improve my mindset seemed like a no-brainer.

As for why hire a coach? Coaches, in general, have been a huge help to me in my life. Hiring a coach - a good one, anyway - can massively shorten the learning curve on whatever you're trying to accomplish. I knew that I could dig in deep on fashion and get the background knowledge myself, but I also knew that having a knowledgable person on my side could enable me to build those skills more quickly.

About Tanner

Tanner runs the website [Masculine Style] ( You may have seen him mentioned as one of the speakers at the upcoming 21 Conference.

He's also quite active on [YouTube] ( and Social media.

His website deals specifically with men's fashion, with a very subtle red-pill lens. His overall philosophy seems to be "dress in the way that helps you achieve your goals within your tribe." I was attracted to his program because, although his own style is pretty formal (lots of suits and so on), he talks about and is open to various different kinds of stye, including street wear and so on.

About The Program

There were two options for the coaching program - a small group option, with weekly group calls, and a one-on-one option, which is more expensive ($3500)

I chose one-on-one because I like the direct attention, but having gone through the process, I think I would've gotten a ton of value out of the small group stuff as well. While you may not get as much direct attention, the benefit of seeing other guy's issues would also be help.

The program is structured into 6 weekly calls, where major issues are discussed and homework, or challenges, are assigned. On top of that, i was texting Tanner a pic of my outfit each day, along with my thoughts on that week's theme (so, for example, for one week I was texting my outfit, telling Tanner what "archetype" I felt I was fitting into that day).

Tanner would then text feedback, tips, or advice, depending. Some days it was just "This looks great, you're on the right track!", and other days it was, "Why not unbutton your top button? What about that is making you feel uncomfortable?" or "Try tucking in your shirt and telling me how it feels to you."

The weekly calls were good, but this was really the core of the process - being made responsible, each day, for thinking through what you're wearing and explaining it to a knowledgable person. That's a hugely useful paradigm for learning and was probably the single biggest gain for me, overall.

What I Learned

Tanner's goal with the program - which aligned perfectly with my own - is to improve your mindset through your dress.

We definitely covered very specific things as regards to how I dress - for example, he did an in-depth analysis of my body type, based on a bunch of photos I took of my existing wardrobe, and broke down what kinds of patterns I should avoid, color-types I should look for, tips regarding what kinds of fit would look good one me, etc ...

For example - the seam between the neck and the shoulder on a t-shirt is called the "Yoke," and on me, the yoke looks best when it falls JUST at the beginning of the shoulder. Any longer than that and the sleeves look too long. I started looking for this on my shirt and it is a 100% match with all the shirts I love, vs. the ones that look too big. Mind blowing.

But much of Tanner's feedback was about what I wanted to achieve in the different "tribes" in my life. How do I want to appear to my kids? To my wife? At work? What's the image I want to project, and what can I do that will elevate my status in those groups?

We also worked a lot on finding where my comfort zone was and expanding it. Tanner pushed hard for me to try certain things that I clearly liked (based on some things I found on Pinterest and so on), but that I felt "weren't for me."

These were pretty minor things, like rolling up my pant cuffs, or unbuttoning the top button of my dress shirts. But I felt literal waves of anxiety when I tried to do them myself! It was ridiculous. Tanner helped me explore why that was, and pushed me to experiment with how I dressed. Right now I am wearing pants with rolled up cuffs and my top button unbuttoned...and it looks great.

What I Got Out of It

I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of what looks good on me, and why. I'm a much smarter shopper, buying far more strategically, and with a much keener eye towards fit.

I also know why I'm dressing the way I'm dressed, and what my goals are for how I dress. This allows me to "play" with the "rules" in a much more conscious way. Little things, like knowing that I exude more authority when my shirts are tucked in, vs. a more fun-loving vibe when I roll up my pants, make a big difference.

Tanner really encouraged me to put more effort and care into how I dress. Even when I was trying to improve my wardrobe, I was just buying things because I thought everyone else would think they looked nice. Now, I can make conscious decisions about what I'm doing and know why I'm doing it.

I really feel like I have control over how I dress for the first time, and an understanding of how to expand that part of my life.

Overall, the whole experience was a huge positive for me. Tanner's super nice, and cares a great deal about his clients. There was never a time where he wasn't willing to give advice or help me out.

If you are just looking for a checklist of things to buy, I probably wouldn't recommend the program. It's easier to go on MFA and grab that stuff from there.

If you're looking to dig a little bit deeper into why you dress the way you do, and get at the underlying principles of how you want to dress, I'd highly recommend Tanner's program.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, let me know.

P.S. If you want to get a taste of Tanner's style, he's written a great ebook called "Dress Like a Man." You can find it on his site.

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