Riding the wave

February 28, 2015

I was PM ing with a couple other men about the length of time that can possibly last when "things are good" in the marriage or LTR.

I mean after your in good shape with new clothes. Shit tests drying up and are actually amusing. Sex on demand etc.

Its like surfing and riding a wave. Lasts as long as you can hold the edge.

Its actually impossible to hold an edge of a wave forever. You get tired or the energy runs out and bam...she topples the board!

Now we know what to do when that happens right?

In my current situation I had a professional setback in Jan. I am sorting it and holding incredible frame but still..its stressful and I can feel the board slipping out from under my feet.

How can I tell? Shit testing ramps up from wife. Plate slow to return texts. My workouts are a bit shorter and im skipping parts I dont enjoy. Even my paelo diet went from 90 to 65 percent.

Today I begin a two week clean eating diet. Gym every day. No excuses. Ignoring plate. Mostly ignoring wife.

When they ask whats wrong. "Im busy"

Sex ....will still initiate and be powerful. But little talking.

I wish I could just count on support from women when I need it. But I cant. I know this now and have learned the right thing to do is bootstrapping and ignoring them while I sort my own issues.

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