Said no thanks to the starfish last night

March 29, 2015

It's been many months, maybe a year since my wife said no to sex. Rarely has she been fucking me out of "obligation". As last night proves, nothing is permanent. A man can never relax, no matter how tempting.

She insisted on a back massage first. Complained she was tired. I granted the massage but let my hands roam and then she would pull away and tell me she needed more back rub. When she did lie on her back she had a nasty look on her face as she really was more interested in herself then pleasing me.

So I rolled over, put my clothes on, and told her I changed my mind and didn't want to have sex with her after all.

She lit into me " I'm tired (yea right), I didn't go to gym like YOU did, I needed more foreplay and when you can't have what you want when you want it and get so ANGRY..."

Side note----I frequently am shit tested and am accused of being angry when I know I'm ice cold and in frame. Or when I put my foot down then I am told I am "arguing". Both cases are untrue. My wife hamsters her inability to "get what she wants" with me being an MAD and ARGUMENTATIVE.

Truth is we haven't had an actual argument in months. I've also been much more on the indifferent side than upset/angry. I see these accusations as a provocation. She wants me to lose temper so she has "something to work with".

anyway back to last night..

I told her I wasn't angry at all. Said "your not turning me on. I don't want to have sex with you. Maybe some other time"

Within two minutes of her watching tv and waiting for me to say or do something (I flipped open laptop to she asked if we "could cuddle".

Said sure. I matched her new disposition with a cheery, happy attitude of my own. Then I ripped off her PJs and fucked her hard for ten mins. ZERO foreplay She was moaning and running hands all over me. Best sex in a month.

Don't ever whine, beg, plead,argue for sex

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