"Seeding" Sexuality Via Text?

April 14, 2017

Hey y'all - question about escalation and creating the anticipation of sex.

Context: MRP since November. Lifting regularly, watching food, looking much better but probably around 17% bf still. Working primarily on frame and assertiveness, which are my two big weaknesses. Had a blow out fight a month or two ago and experienced sharp improvement after over a year of DB. Last few weeks have seen decline in frequency, however.

One of my challenges in gaming my wife - hardly unique, I assume - is that I'm typically gone during the day. When I get home, it's straight into kids time, and then were typically chilling/hanging out, with the wife sucked into her phone.

My question is about escalating. I've noticed that my wife's sexuality is largely responsive - the days when I've successfully lined up some kind of anticipation / "forewarning" of sex or sexy thoughts, initiations have gone better. Essentially, she needs to anticipate and "ramp up" to be in the mood. (That could just be due to my attractiveness level, but it is what it is).

I've tried simple kino type stuff, but since she's often closed off in her body language, it's hard to go much further than casual hands on the legs, etc. it doesn't seem like enough of a lead up for her.

Since she'll be out of the house tonight, I'm thinking of texting her something sexual while she's out - a "wait until you get home..." kind of thing, hopefully priming her pump for some prime pumping, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN (SEX)

Then again, "texts are for logistics only." Curious as to your thoughts on the strategic value of this kind of thing, and in any of your tricks for escalating with your wife in general.


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