Sexy Wife

June 22, 2016

There's a post on here where a guy is worried about his wife getting hotter as she improves her SMV along with him. I'm betting some other guys have these lingering thoughts as well.

Hells to the nos.

If you're doing all this right, the narrative of her journey to oozing sexuality is to please her hot, masculine husband. If you're where you should be, you should be gawd damn ecstatic to watch her progress. You should be getting random ass boners left, right and center as she struts her hot stuff around. You should be praising whatever God you believe in that you can't help but get a raging erection when you wife strips to jump in the shower. And it should be mutually awesome for both of you.

I'll use a sports car analogy. Sexy sports cars are fun as hell. Let your wife be your own walking, svelte sports car. Shoot, get her all souped up and modified. Did her body take a toll from birthing your kids and she's been depressed by her now droopy boobs and jiggly bits down low that exercise just won't fix? Well if she wants it (yes, the idea should be hers) and you have the money, get some surgery to hoist that shit up and stuff it all back where it started. Hell, if she has her boobs done smack her on the ass and joke not to go too big. Damn...I love boobs...perfect bits of femininity...all soft and inviting... ...and I'm back...I get sidetracked with boobs. Have I mentioned I like boobs? Anyway, don't fear your sweet ass sports car. Take that shit out, show it off and DRIVE it... Turn some heads. People will look at her. It's hot. They'll look at you and think that dude is a fucking stud.

Head up. Chest out. Shoulders back. Sex.

Listen, one day she'll get all dolled up and gorgeous as the ultimate culmination of all her hard work. She'll look over at you and you'll see a little girl with a slight twinkle in her eye waiting for her strong man to give her a little validation of how beautiful she looks. You'll give it to her and she'll beam. She will beam. And you will beam. And all that is wonderful about the natural balance of masculine nature to desire and the feminine imperative to be desired will be fulfilled. And it's spectacular.

So don't worry about your wife getting too hot. Be hotter and more masculine. Maybe you will keep your sports car until it's a collector. It's nice to grow old with something special. Maybe some slick dude will come up and steal her right from under your nose. Oh well. Go find another sports car...ooohhh...go get a newer one with a V12...those just purr.

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