Soccer Mom Dread Game

February 28, 2016

TL;DR -- for those with young children, have you found your kid's school events and soccer games to be a good arena for flirting, attracting "soccer mom" attention, and creating dread? If so, any tips or advice? Or is just a matter of being present and them coming to you when your SMV is high enough?

I'm married with two kids under the age of 6, I'm starting to see that the success of improving my dread game, which is lacking, may lay firmly in the youth sports/kid bday party/school event arena. I've started making an effort to volunteer for more activities that get me out there with other parents so maybe it's just a matter of time and exposure and I'm over thinking it. I've been on MRP long enough to know that /u/theultmatecad has had great success employing dread in this venue. Either way, I welcome advice or experience from him or anyone else on this topic as well.

I'm making slow but steady progress on what I would call the "home game" (frame, OI, gaming wife, lifting gains, initiating, shit tests) but am still struggling with finding venues to up the "away" dread game. Our oldest daughter plays soccer and basketball and pre MRP I used to look at these events as fun and important for our kids, but also as chores taking away from my free time. Now I look forward to them with the RP lense on.

For clarification, at this juncture, I am not looking to act on anything, just talk, flirt and draw attention from the other moms. There a few "developmentals" at our daughter's bball games that have some potential. Usually my wife and I go together to games and bday parties. I've had success at bday parties initiating conversations with the moms with occasional IOI being thrown my way. But I think soccer games are more plentiful and offer long term "dread plates," if you will.

So I guess what I'm asking is have others found the "soccer mom" circuit to be a good place to interact with other women for us Dad's with young kids and packed schedules? What are some good ways to flirt and gain attention without looking creepy or like you're trying too hard? I realize that seems like a dumb question with an obvious answer but let's be honest, soccer mom game is different than single game. I've been out of the "real game" for about 15 years but even if my skills were sharp, the soccer mom world requires a different level of tact and skill that changes things. With Mrs. Jdroedell and other husbands present you can't just go straight in, it has to be subtle and strategic. This is another reason this is RP on hard mode, I guess. So what have other MRPers here with young kids found to be successful in this venue?


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