Stop. Thinking.

March 1, 2019

I recently took a break from MRP, and since I've been back I have noticed a LOT of overthinking.

Everywhere I turn, in every post - people making things more complicated than they need to be.

This guy, for example - is fucking talking about Quantum Mechanics.


No matter how much you wonder "Will my wife fuck me tonight??!!!??" it doesn't mean that she has Schroedinger's Pussy.

For fuck's sake.

Look -

I am not trying to gang up on the dude above.

In fact, I only notice posts like this because they remind me of any one of the fifty-bajillion posts I have made on here over-thinking everything from frame, to sex, to validation, to alphas, to betas, to hypergamy, to the manosphere, to....

Well, you get it.

Here's the thing:

Most of us on here are pretty similar.

We're smart.

e're motivated.

We're good at a lot of shit.

Many of us are very successful at work, or in the gym, or at leading people, or at fixing things.

When we experience something traumatic - our marriages falling apart, our sex life drying up, the realization that all isn't exactly as we thought - we tend to fall back on our strengths. To try to fix things using the skills that got us here.

And what is our strength? What's gotten us this far, what's behind the success we've enjoyed?


Always thinking!

Rationality, logic, trying to be objective, taking data, tracking numbers, setting goals, advancing towards milestones.

When you find MRP, there's a huge sense of relief....because it gives you something to do. It gives you something to master. There are even fucking levels for christ's sake.

"WHOA - I'm learning so much new shit! I'm seeing things differently! There are all these books to read, blogs to subscribe to, videos to watch! I'm getting feedback, I have new goals, I'M GOING TO TURN THIS FUCKING SHIP AROUND! I CAN DO ANYTHING!"

This is GREAT, don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with goals, or books, or dread levels.

But here's the reality:

It isn't that complicated.

You know what MRP looks like, in practice? What all this boils down to?

At the gym, day in and day out.

Failing tests, day in and day out.

Initiating and getting rejected, day in and day out.

Trying to lead and having people laugh, day in and day out.
Trying as hard as you can to think for yourself, day in and day out.

Day in.

Day out.

And guess what?

Little to no thought required.

Now...after a while, you start to get stir-crazy.

You read some Rollo, you think about how "western society" is becoming "feminized."

You think, "I think I'm understanding frame in a new way."

You think, "I have a theory about how shit tests work."

You think, "The best way to understand how to talk to your wife is through quantum fucking mechanics."



None of this is work. None of this matters. None of this MEANS ANYTHING.

This is your brain, getting bored.

This is your brain, rationalizing failure.

This is your brain, procrastinating.

People have been fucking other people for as long as there are people. You don't need a theory, you don't need something to think about.

You need to look at who fucks who - that's everything you need to know, out in plain daylight.

The levels, the terminology, the posts, the books -

They only help if you get out there and fucking do the hard-ass, boring-as-fuck, no-thinking-required


Everything else is masturbation.

And look - masturbation is fun! Go ahead and jerk it a little if you've got the time.

But for fuck's sake -

No wife ever fucked her husband because he wrote a sick ass Reddit post.

So -

And, as always, this post is written as much to myself as to anyone else -






P.S. And yes, I wrote this post INSTEAD of writing some dumb-ass post about something else because I am a procrastinating fuck. Now I'm going to go lift weights before band practice. The end.

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