Stopped passing comfort test. I know...but idgaf

May 28, 2015

Something in me has changed again along my RP journey. About a year ago I started crushing shit tests, lifting, and demanding (and receiving) regular sex from the wife. Home life got better but mostly because I didn't really care to make wife's mood better. I focused on mine and the kids. She would perk up but it never lasted. As I said, it no longer matters to me so I wasn't paying attention til I reflected this weekend.

I am busy with my life and even when I'm home now I am doing my thing. I see how badly she needs a morsel of my attention and I'm definitely not in a punishment mode. I just don't want to deal with her. At all.

I think the red pill may have given me the strength and vision and courage to NOT fix the relationship. Why should I?

She fucks me on command. Does whatever I say. Her attempted manipulations are laughable now that I know the score.

Anyone else ever need a break from being her rock? Mind you...I'm strong, just not particularly generous the last couple weeks

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