Teasing your LTR

June 14, 2015

Every day a man should be teasing his woman at least once. Think of this act as a relationship's daily vitamin.

Before you begin its imperative that your SMV is high and on track for permanent improvement. The same teasing from a man with saggy tits and no frame won't get a playful punch on the arm like a man who as his shit together. That fag will get a next level shit test that he has no chance passing.

So how does one successfully tease her and why does one do this?

Look to a third grade boy teasing girls on the playground. He is absolutely sure she has zero value and he can do and say whatever he wants. That's my template and it works great.

It works because it SHOWS (not explains) that you don't take her serious. And that you're not afraid to make her upset. Woman love men they can't control. They despise betas who grovel to them. Read sexy son theory to learn why. Never apologize for teasing.

You are doing it right if she calls you asshole. Or hits you playfully while smiling.

Example. "The kids need to take off their clothes before coming in the house. They are dirty and I have spent all morning cleaning"

"Sure..I'll put them through a hazmat spray. And what's wrong with you cleaning all day little woman ? Gives you time at night to do that other thing you do that I like ....fucking...."

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