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The Best Book The Manosphere Has Never Heard Of

August 24, 2017

Did you know "The Manipulated Man" is the first book of a trilogy?

The first book talks about women's behavior. The second book is "The Polygamous Sex" and talks about men. The third book has never been translated (her advice for "The End of Manipulation" and I have not read it nor found commentary about it).

"The Polygamous Sex" was very briefly discussed on TRP years ago here. The interesting part of the discussion was the link to an extensive Red Pill analysis by Eric Crowley. Which is excellent and worth a read.

It's very interesting--in particular the parts I find interesting are the kernel of her analysis that men are taught to distort various complex emotions into "love" the same way we are taught to distort a lot of emotions into "anger". And that women don't do this and are more clear about different types of love. So it's interesting to think about this whenever the love hierarchy and Rollo's women-in-love men-in-love discussion comes up.

runsonmagic is dead but it can be found in archive. I've linked the parts below.

The following is an excerpt from Crowley's introduction:

When I first read Esther Vilar’s The Manipulated Man, I thought it was the most important book I’d read on gender since Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power or Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men. The Manipulated Man left me in stunned silence. I wanted to write about it, but had no response to the book.

Roosh wrote in his review of The Manipulated Man:

I’ve never had a book that made me reconsider so many of my beliefs like this one. It ended up being the most vicious takedown of the female gender that I’ve ever read, five times harsher than anything I’ve written.

He is entirely correct. Esther Vilar makes Return of Kings look like Dr. Phil. I had nothing to add to her work or his review, except a strong recommendation to everyone who follows the manosphere to go read her book.

That is until I discovered her second book, The Polygamous Sex.

Esther Vilar’s The Manipulated Man is actually part of a trilogy of books – the third of which, to my knowledge, has never been translated into English.

The Manipulated Man describes the problem between men and women, The Polygamous Sex describes why the problem exists, and the third Das Ende der Dressur (“The End of Manipulation”) describes the solution.

The Polygamous Sex could be the most important book the manosphere has never read. It begins from one simple premises about human drives and works it’s way forward with clear reason. Because it is out of print, and her first book contained such intensely harsh truths, few have heard of the The Polygamous Sex.

Fortunately, you can read the entire book The Polygamous Sex online for free here.

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