The case for paternity testing

May 3, 2019

Before becoming red pill aware, the idea of questioning paternity of children never came to my mind. After reading certain articles on this subject by Rollo and CH, and learning the red pill theories of a woman's sexual strategy of Hypergamy and Alpha fux/Beta Bux, I became acutely aware of this issue.

Almost all of us have come to learn of the existence of the manosphere, red pill, and this forum because we were once blue pill. The argument can be made that no matter how much you think, know, or trust your wife or girlfriend when she tells you that her child is yours, you won't ever definitively know unless you have a DNA test done. This would be the case whether you were red pill or blue pill at the time of the child's conception.

Studies have shown that anywhere from 10% to 30% of alleged fathers of children are not their biological fathers. These men were essentially cuckolded into raising and providing for another man's child. Would you really want to invest the rest of your life emotionally and financially in a child that isn't yours?

The best thing to do is to get a DNA test done, by one of two options which can be done discretely without her knowing. The first option is through a paternity test, which costs around $100. The second option is through one of those ancestry/ethnicity DNA websites like 23andme or ancestry. The byproduct of these websites is that it confirms paternity relationships.

I have done this and can honestly say, there is a certain kind of peace and calmness that comes from 100% knowing that your child is indeed your biological offspring. Every red pill aware man deserves knowing the truth and having this feeling.

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