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The "Dancing Monkey" Attraction Improvement Programme

October 7, 2017

It seems to me that the vast majority of new participants in the weekly Own Your Shit thread or /r/askMRP are Type 2 or Type 3 Dysfunctional Captains or career betas, and of these, the vast majority begin with what I describe here as the "Dancing Monkey Attraction Improvement Programme."

The purpose of this post is to alert newcomers to the dangers of this approach, as it rarely succeeds alone and wastes several months of true progress in the process.

The "Dancing Monkey" Attraction Improvement Programme

Most career betas and/or Type 2 or Type 3 Dysfunctional Captains have neither frame nor an independent concept of self, and are deathly afraid of asserting themselves or challenging their wives. Discovering MRP when desperate, they find new hope and search frantically for things they can do right now to save their marriages and get laid by their wives.

Lift, STFU, and Read the Sidebar are clearly called essential, so most get the message and try these. Beyond these basics, though, comes a large and bewildering array of sometimes contradictory recommendations within

  • Become attractive

  • Own Your Shit (OYS)

  • Dread your wife

  • Develop frame, mission, and leadership

Having no clue as to what "frame" is, no goals or missions in life beyond pleasing their boss, society, etc. to receive their validations and making their wives happy to fulfill their covert contract for sex in return, these guys latch onto "Become Attractive" and make a new covert contract:

"All I have to do is become attractive, and my wife will want to fuck me again!"

So they make a MAP that includes

  • Lose the fat and get abs

  • Lift weights and become ripped

  • Dress better

  • Kino and flirt with my wife

  • Initiate sex more frequently, and be OI and avoid butthurt when rejected

  • Act more dominant sexually

  • Become more fun

  • Be more social and flirty with other women when my wife isn't around

  • OYS

  • STFU about my emotions and when shit-tested

Some of our diligent Type 2 Captains and Career Betas who already overown their wife's shit as well as their own add a big extra helping of

  • Choreplay

and call it "Really Owning (even more of) My Shit".

Our newbies gaslight themselves by hamstering that successfully STFUing a shit test = frame (when it's merely Phase 1: Stop operating in her frame) and that leadership is doing their own laundry and telling (rather than begging) her to join him in the shower. (Checked those boxes, yeah!) And then they work ... diligently, or haphazardly ... happily, or in anger or fear ... quietly, or sharing every little tribulation or triumph at /r/askMRP or in the weekly OYS thread ... for several months, or a year, or even several years, and then ...

What usually happens

After working their Dancing Monkey Attraction Improvement Programme for several months or even years (deleted), our busy little betas show up back here with a painful cri de coeur:

"It isn't woooorking ... my wife still won't fuck me!"


"My wife is still not attracted at all to me!" ^^Sorry ^^to ^^keep ^^bringing ^^up ^^your ^^obsolete ^^past, ^^man; ^^you're ^^making ^^great ^^progress, ^^but ^^your ^^beautifully ^^written ^^post ^^history ^^is ^^a ^^very ^^valuable ^^resource ^^for ^^study ^^by ^^newbies!

Usually they also complain

"My wife still disrespects me!"

in spite of IOI's and other signs of attraction and respect from other women.

And they ask plaintively

  • Why isn't MRP working?

or angrily declare

  • MRP is bullshit and doesn't work!

with a flounce and a bounce as they delete their account (prarrott, the immortal alpha_as_wolf, ImSteveMcQueen, etc.)

What went wrong?

A hawt, ripped boy-toy with some game can attract women for a STR or ONS, but the attraction quickly fades if you're still just a pedestalizing, people-pleasing pussy who can't or won't stand up for himself, and actively assert himself and lead rather than just withdraw by leaving or STFU when challenged. You're just a clown or dancing monkey trying to entertain the princess hoping she'll throw you a few fucks for your performance. Attraction is necessary, but so is respect ... and respect comes from frame, leadership, mission, OYS, and a willingness to challenge and stand up to your wife and anyone else in their pursuit.



Don't waste your time just "sprinkling alpha" with a solely attraction-oriented Dancing Monkey Attraction Improvement Programme that avoids the challenging parts of MRP. It. Will. Fail. Create and work a complete MAP.

Useful Homework

  • Read through this week's OYS post and note the OYS's that are merely Dancing Monkey Attraction Improvement Programmes.

  • Is yours one of them?

Welcome to Hard Mode, faggot.

Edit: Formatting; more formatting; a few fewer words.

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