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The night before Christmas

December 21, 2018

Twas the night before Christmas, and a glass was left out

Beside it a pill, red and bright, filled with doubt

With a promise of change and a new way of thinking

He grabbed the glass, and started drinking


The man took the pill in his hand and he swallowed

But he was not ready for that which followed

He spat it back out with a great deal of force

But his life was the same and he lived with remorse


So he tried it again, and this time it went down

It got caught in his throat and he started to drown

After coughing and fitting and making a scene

It slipped into his chest and he started to dream


He began to fit, and dance like a monkey

His wife, not impressed, would not be his flunky

Hoping for sex and a life much improved

His cute little wife had turned into a prude


He came to a forum online filled with strangers

They laughed and insulted, highlighting the danger

‘No change will you get if you don’t shift your mind’

‘your lifts don’t impress me, and we are not kind’


‘realise you are one of many dumb men’

‘and your wife will keep you as a sheep in a pen’

Disgusted with life and hoping for change

The pill reached his head and he felt rather strange


He realised he must do things for him only

His wife, quite bemused, thought he was a phoney

As he changed his perspective to become like the rest

He weaved, and dodged, and avoided the shit-tests


He no longer cared if they banged all night long

As the girl at the counter clearly wanted his shlong

He knew he could bang any girl that he wanted

And his wife knew he could not be confronted


The wife, feeling tinges down her spine

Decided to bang like her life was on the line

They went forwards and backwards like a man in a fight

By the end, a new kind of man came to light


He did what he wanted and lead a tight ship

And her cute little pussy was starting to drip

For a man he was now, no longer a boy

And his wife could finally be his fuck toy


Merry Christmas gentlemen. I am no poet but hey.

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