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Time to have been warned

April 29, 2021

COVID is over. Its time to fuck and news flash - it wont be with you.

You dont say? Why is that Mr. Tren King?

Your wife or LTR sick and tired of looking at your ugly face. She is tired of not seeing her friends at spin class, at group fitness class and at Starbucks. And by friends, I dont mean of the female variety.

She is tired of looking at the back of your bald head, your fat overweight frame in your dirty shirt, shorts and crocs you wear while staring at your 49" curved monitor working from home every day because you have no life, and have built no desire over this time. Tired of looking at your cans of Bud Light and empty wrappers piled up just off screen.

Your wife is already planning her next girls day out. She is ready to spend your money again. She is happy to give you your fucking house to do your WFH Zoom calls in all day. Never once have you asked her to suck your dick under the desk while you are on video.

Never once have you left the house to keep the aura of mystery up. You are a mask wearing faggot who never built a home gym, hell you probably never went to the gym. But Red, you didnt build a gym. You damn right, but I also had 80# of excess muscle to worry about loosing before I look like you. I lost 10 in 6 weeks. You are not me. You are fat, boring and lazy.

Why now? Because every single woman I know, ex-girlfriends, girls from Starbucks. EVERY one of them is hitting me up right now. They all want to be fucked. Humble brag, IDGAF. Some of you need to hear this. 4 women in relationship could be mine by the end of the week.

They want to be fucked. HARD. You have made them so sick over the past year they dont even give a shit if you find out. They are sending their backup guys "kisses" emojis and asking when you can meet for lunch or dinner. They want taboo. They want an escape from the boring reality of society. They want to be thrown against a wall in the bathroom, tossed in the back of your truck or fucked against the building or on the park bench.

Texas is open. It is mingle heaven. But you, you might have time to save yourself.

Now, you need to start building the aura of mystery back. COVID has made you a fat, boring man. She can be a fat, boring woman and she will still get fucked. You do not have that luxury. If she doesnt want to fuck you, she knows no one else does either.

You wife is sick of you. SICK. Even if she loves you, she doesn't want to see your ugly face for a while.

8 hours a day you used to be gone. 8 hours a day she used to be gone. All that nice work clothes she has, she is dying to wear. She wants to put on makeup for someone, somewhere. Do her hair and feel pretty. She wants the drip of stranger validation back in her life. You are not making her feel special. Her pussy hasnt been wet in months.

You need to get in front of this. There is a correction coming and you can either be the guy who profits, or the guy who pays.

Immediately get to the gym. Get gone. Get the FUCK out of you house for 4-6 hours a day. Go to the gym at night to build separation. IDGAF if your state isnt open or not. Go to the fucking park. Start heading into your office 1 day a week. I am, Mondays. 8-5 just cause. Start planning formal lunch dates with your woman again. Get dressed up, fuck the taboo secretary.

You need to lay into this fantasy before someone else does. Every single working mother is dying to get back to the office to fuck her per-COVID AP. You better think long and hard about your actions over this time. This lockdown bullshit kills affairs all over the planet. Affairs people want to get back to.

If your woman was at risk before, she is gone this time. As soon as the gloves come off she is going to be fucking anything she can. She fucking hates the sight of you. She is more pissed at COVID than you can imagine. And she is looking for payback.

You know who you are. You know if your girl is texting a guy like me.

Be the woman every man is hunting right now, or you will pay.

You have been warned.

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