Tired of wife shittiness.

May 31, 2018

The good:

Sex life is great, 3-5 days a week, great dirty sex, i been consistent on the gym, had a little setback on the gym (back pain), but kept going and worked biceps and chest.

Now for the bad part, wife keeps having shitty behavior, no longer shitty with my daughter, but now with my coworkers.

We work at the same place ( i got her the job), my coworkers have been with me over 8 years, lately we started a dynamic where every friday we bring over homemade food and we all eat together.

It was our turn this week, wife made one plate less leaving out a old but very capable woman that acts out as my sargent on the team, i wanted to stop by and buy one more plate on a restaurant, and wife started to make a big scene and telling me how next time i should cook and organize everything. Ended up telling her to have the food and i'll buy something for myself.

This is starting to tire me and lower her value every time.

Sidenote: I work in politics and relationships are everything, i'm not the political leader on the team, but i act out as first officer, i have to execute, so every member of the team is very valuable and i need their loyalty to be able to carry out orders.

I suffered depression last year after some blows i took, lost a big deal of power, last couple of months i been recovering, and building power again, wife keeps playing me down, downplaying everything i have accomplished,mexican federal government doesn't pay much, but i've had very good positions, with over 300 employees on my charge, (I was statewide operations chief of mexican welfare).

She tries to undermine my authority, but doesn't succeed mainly because my sergeant enforces anything i order , not sure if it is wife shittesting me if this alphaness is real or just a shitty person.

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