Verbal Intercourse is Optional

October 28, 2015

The matters we discuss here are all about creating sexual options by becoming a better Man. It is about developing the mindset of abundance and embracing the fact that YOU have control of your life. If you put in the work…

It's also about realizing your wife has similar control. To rehash everyone's favorite example, your wife has control over whether or not she is receptive to your want for sexual intercourse (aka fucking). You may be married and shared in some vows, but you simply do not own her body. If you initiate sex and she gives a ‘hard no’, you back off and play it cool. That's just how it works. This journey is not about forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Quite the contrary. You only control yourself and your job is to work on yourself and make it where she simply cannot fathom saying ‘no' to such a high value Man. The sidebar (look to your right--> ) is The Instruction Manual for the assembly of such a Man. Read the instructions before attempting to completely re-assemble yourself.

But there is some good news for you. These rules of control cut both ways.

To beginners, we give the advice that you should simply shut up as you work to internalize all these concepts. You must stop engaging the emotional chaos around you until you can learn how to manage yourself first. But when you begin to establish this stoic frame, your wife feels it and is jarred by it. She will attempt to engage further to test your resolve.

You need not engage.

However, what do you do when your wife persists and chases you around the house with her raging emotions trying to initiate verbal intercourse (aka talking)? It’s simple…give the ‘hard no’ to her initiations. If you don't want to have a conversation, say 'I'm not having this conversation.' And leave the room. If she persists and continues to follow you around the house demanding you speak while ignoring your ‘hard no', remove yourself from her presence physically by leaving the house. Go for a walk, go to the store, or better yet go to the gym. When your wife gives her 'no' to sex and leaves the bedroom, do you follow her around the house with your raging erection trying to jam it whatever orifice she's left uncovered? I'm betting she wouldn't be fond of that, and if she is then you should have just tried that years ago...

Until you're worth fucking, she has every right to say no to sharing in sex. And until you think she's worth conversing with, you have every right to say no to sharing in conversation. But now you're at a stalemate right? Wrong. Your self improvement will break the stalemate. As you build the body of a worthy man who possess strong frame, she will want to engage you sexually. In return and with time, you will want to converse with your now sexual wife who gives off a wonderfully feminine air even during simple talks. Well, that is until the next fitness test...

For the benefit of both you and your wife, break the stalemate and get to work. Read, lift…and repeat.

TLDR: Don’t chase your wife around the house with your raging erection. Don’t let your wife chase you around the house with her raging emotions. Sexual and verbal intercourse is optional.

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