We don’t do that / You don't want us answering that.

March 21, 2019

We don’t do that / You don't want us answering that.

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Based on a lot of recent posts it needs to be restated what you can expect to learn from the course materials and the local mrp study group:

  • Why women behave a certain way... especially in response to your actions/inactions

  • What tools are available to you

  • Advice on how you use those tool with examples

  • Where you are screwing up and why (when detailed descriptions of your problems are provided).

Not that you won’t get responses but 100% what we are not here to do is MAKE YOUR IMPORTANT LIFE DECISIONS FOR YOU.

Examples of things We CAN NOT decide for you

  • whether you marry or not
  • whether you get a divorce
  • have a/more kid(s)
  • buy that car
  • take that job
  • cohabitate
  • move
  • stay monogamous or not (cheat)

We can provide the tools and we can help you learn how to use them, but YOU must decide what you build with it. We’re all about helping you understand how to use the tools to form the frame (scribe the map) of what you want, but you have to know at least that much first.

If you can’t even make those basic decisions you are definitely not in a position to evaluate responses to those questions.

Reading “No More Mr Nice Guy” and “When I say no I feel guilty” can be a great starting point if you find yourself this desperate. There are plenty of other resources out there (secular and religious) if you’re asking the bigger picture questions first. Way out of MRP scope.

Now if you are asking these questions because you are curious what the population here thinks?

I’ll leave it to those who like to fill out surveys. Again, these are answers from guys who use the tools here and don’t indicate an “aught” just an “IS”. The information you gather will be from personal choices those that are knowledgeable to various degrees on our toolset believe are right...for whatever reasons they have crafted.

Posting anyway or you are reading this in retrospect?

If other mods remove your post I would consider it a mercy killing. But I personally won’t stop these questions from posting. Just realize you are asking for a world of unpleasantness because you are advertising you are not a person who can make even basic life decisions and that puts you on the bottom peg in a group of guys on the respect ladder.

So your responses will range from

  • Strangers actually making important life decisions for you.

Think of this like cheating on a test. Well, you got an answer. And it may help you pass that exam. But you’ve not learned basic life 101 or how to arrive at that conclusion. So now going forward you still won’t ever be able to grow and answer yourself. And the more you keep coming back asking the same question you shouldn’t be asking… that’s a downwards slide that’s ugly to watch. You’ll stay lost. You’ll bumble on through still bewildered. And maybe at the end hold a degree in something another person wanted that isn’t what you really like.

“Civil Engineering? What? I really want to be a Doctor!”

Too late, eetzpuzzyRpill69 liked that he was an engineer and you did keep asking him what to do with your life.

  • Tough love aka hazing.

Sometimes to help you. Sometimes to provide you as an example to the others who are still helpable. Really it’s just what YOU take from it. Or… sometimes Biff is just standing in the corner with his plunger because he’s a dick and likes to hurt others with a wooden handle in painful places. But he’s our dick and at least knows what he wants in life and he took the advice on how to use a lathe, chisel and glue to craft that plunger.

Your life is YOUR project.

You pick the direction first then ask how to get there.

Lastly if you have still 0 clue as to where to start: post your stats and situation with an end of "Still deciding what I want" in the Married Red Pill Weekly Own Your Shit thread.

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