What is it like for Alpha Fux?

March 24, 2015

There is a good stickied post in the main sub detailing how women let some men (those they respect) fuck them in alleys while demanding other men (those they disrespect) to do shit for them all the time.

I wanted to post a quick story that describes the asymmetric treatment women give AF/BB.

I dont often post about "other women" but as my username implies I do see them and use my RP knowledge with great success.

recently a plate told me how she travelled a few days and came home on a red eye. her husband had jazz playing, kids off to school, muffins cooking and he made a move which she quickly shot down "too exhausted --I still have to go to work and dont want to be tired all day"

I have asked same women to pick me up when my car was in shop( she immediately went to passenger seat) while I went off to play a sport (not doxing self by naming it). She sat in stands. 2 hours. Then I hit a pole in the parking garage and dented her bumper, got a BJ on drive home and blew it in her mouth. she also paid for diner on way back.

AF is entitled to way way more than BB ever dreams of. Find a way to be your womans AF

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