Women are naturally RP

June 5, 2015

The reason this sub is hated by feminists and white knights and SJWs is that we illuminate the truth. The truth is that a man's desire to be loved as HE loves (selfless and loyal) can leave him vulnerable to being manipulated.

Women are naturally Machiavellian. They instinctively don't want you to "change" when change means you may require something in return for your resources: Your time, your emotional stability, your financial resources.

Life is different (hint...its far better!) when you realize that your woman values your production and your ability to generate tingles. She doesn't love you for yourself. No one does. You are a disposable man. All your value comes from within.

If you doubt me, then read the top 100 posts on TRP. Soon you too will be wearing corrective glasses manufactured by Morpheus himself

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