You will never have your bluepill dream girl

December 14, 2015

I know, the title here is "sad", and "depressing".

Let me explain why internalizing this basic RP concept is actually LIBERATING.

If you have browsed both the MRP and TRP sidebar you now know that women don't love men who place them on a pedestal. If you put a woman's concerns above yours then you get fucked® as women are biologically programmed to despise unmanly, faggotty, Disney Dream Seekers. They want and need an "asshole" who will reassure them that they and their precious offspring will survive.

So why is this good news?

You now have the opportunity to build a terrific life INDEPENDENT of your woman (or if you are smart like me..Women).

You can still love her childlike nature, her sweet pussy and tits, and her adorable feminine qualities. Just know this:

That love you provide? This masculine love needs to be carefully doled out with thoughtful moderation and with full knowledge that it cant, won't, and isn't coming back in the way you were conditioned to expect.


A man's love won't be returned in the way you expected and that's ok. It doesn't seem ok to newcomers, but that because they were lied to. They were told they were special, that they could have a egalitarian, incredible partnership with the "One".

It's a sack of bullshit and women instinctively and unconsciously sell this dream everyday. Its not real and they know it. TRP elders are here telling you to wake up, unplug, and see the truth that very few men today know.

Be the source of strength to your children and women. Expect little in return. This truly is the way of men.

EDIT..hi bluepill fatties. I love when you give me extra visibility, it helps bring more men to TRP

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