I'm a sophomore at my community college, and, currently I'm focusing on the Ethics of circumcision for my final project in English. I never really questioned my identity until I watched that documentary that I'm sure you all know called American Circumcision. Even after watching it, I wasn't concerned at all with my identity at that time. After proposing the topic to my professor, she gave me the greenlight for it and urges me to look at multiple sides of the entire debate. It was until last night that I realized that a part of me was just completely disregarded and removed because of the reasoning that circumcision promotes longevity. This practice was forced onto me after I came into this world and I didn't even ask for it.

Although I don't have any memory of the time I was circumcised, the thought of my pure being having been stripped from me makes me absolutely sickened and depressed. I want back what I was given before I came into this world. Does anyone have any advice and recommendations for restoration? I've been looking into the process but don't know the best method to get back what I once had.