1. If you are ever scared about being accused of rape, specifically ask them if they have consent to have sex with you and make sure it's a clear yes. Make sure they are sober too. Hide a phone somewhere and record so you have evidence that they aren't falsely accusing you. Do it in a friendly way so even if they do find out you're recording them they don't get mad and just explain to them you want to have evidence that you gave consent.
  2. If you're scared about a girl telling lies about you after she uses you then breaks up, beforehand try not to give her too much information she can use against you, try not to get her too involved with your friends, try not to use Instagram or other social media where she can track your friends. Your parents are fine as they will most likely believe you. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PARTNER ANY PASSWORDS.
  3. If your girlfriend supports gender equality (or you don't want her to use you for money/free meals), make her split the check and don't make her have any privileges' since you don't support "gender roles", but make sure to be a good partner also so she can't use that against you. If you're meeting up with girls and she "forgets" her wallet, go home and never talk to her again. Make sure you are using your own car, if not, run to another store and get a friend to pick you up. If she's a good girlfriend, she'll be happy with you and split the work. If she's bad, she'll break up with you. Easy
  4. If you're scared about a girl using you for a baby, wait until late into the relationship to have sex. Also, hold onto your pack of condoms where she can't find it so she can't poke holes in it or something. Use a condom properly and there is a low chance there will be a baby, and if she really is trying to use you just for child support, she won't wait years just to do it, she'll dump you and go onto the next guy.

Someone told me these tips so I just worded them in my own terms. Hope you like them!