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For the last three years, I've felt awful. I gained a really significant amount of weight, became extremely fatigued, lost jut about half my hair, started feeling cold all the time, had my anxiety and depression increase exponentially, had my periods become heavy to the point of severe anemia, and experienced other problems. I started looking into this, and began going to doctors because I knew something was wrong. The first two doctors I went to were men. The first one refused to even test me for anemia and said my fatigue was "in my head" and my other symptoms were normal when aging (I was 21 at this point), and that I was being "vain." The second one (visited two and a half years ago) tested me, and said the same thing, making particular note that my weight gain (even after I showed him my myfitnesspal app where I tracked every calorie for months) was about my own laziness. I begged to get additional tests done, and he did, but was told there were no meaningful results. I eventually got a PCOS diagnosis (a relief at the time), but was ignored when I talked about continuing to gain weight on metformin, and still feeling quite ill.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I requested my medical records for all of my doctors and brought them to a new (female) endocrinologist to get a refill for medication I'm on for the PCOS. She looked through my records quickly, got this puzzled look on her face, and said "why didn't you mention you had hashimotos?" It turns out that one of those tests I demanded 2.5 years ago came out as a clear POSITIVE for high levels of hashimotos antibodies. I've just been living with my body attacking my thyroid for at least 2.5 years, untreated, because my doctor was so sure my symptoms were in my head that he didn't even read through my test results. I'm waiting on tests now to determine how to move forward.

I'm not sure why I posted this. I'm just so angry that I was robbed of the chance to feel better and take care of my body because of the tendency within the healthcare system to ignore women's symptoms, and tell them it's "all in their head."

TL;DR: My doctor didn't read my test results 2.5 years ago and didn't look at positive test results for a disease I just found out I have because he assumed my symptoms were all in my head.

Edit: my TSH, T3, and T4 were also indicative of hypothyroidism. The TPO was apparently high enough to be especially eye catching to my new doctor, and the part indicative of hashimotos specifically.

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