AITA for being mad at my husband for telling our son not to listen to women??

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I was/am outraged at what I heard my husband say to our 15 year old son about a week ago. Our son has started dating and he’s been coming to me for advice since his dad is on the road for work a lot. He was home last week when he was telling us about how he bungled things with the girl he was talking to.

I told him basically to move on and reinforced the advice I’d given him before about being respectful and polite.

As I left the room he asked his dad what he thought and his father said, “never listen to what women say about dating. Just pay attention to what they do. Your mother will tell you things because she thinks they’ll work, but trust me, it’s better to just watch how they behave and change your behavior based on that.”

This struck me as being incredibly sexist and dismissive of not just what I said but if who I am as a woman. What about our daughters??? I feel like this was an awful thing to reach our son but my brothers and my dad all laughed it off and said he was right.

Am I overreacting or is my husband actually the sexist asshole?