On another subreddit and OP wants to change her husbands public/social anxiety what seems for selfish reason as they say they are jealous of other families out in public. (Even though based on what they commented they generally did try to fix it but OP gave up on asking the partner) am I the asshole for my comments? Seems as the partners anxiety/mental health isn’t near as important as being out in public. Also I do understand that it wouldn’t be selfish if they wanted the anxiety to be gone so that they could be there more for the children or just the general well being of the partners mental state but that is not what it seems from the comment. Link: https://imgur.com/a/E2oca4z

Edit: OP recently commented that this anxiety stems from PTSD related to him being a child during a civil war when he was growing up. And they clarified that they misspoke in the original comment and are more wanting their partner to be out with the kids more than they are jealous of the other families being out together.