THERE IS NO DRAFT IMPLEMENTED DURING THE TIME OF THIS POST just to be clear. If you are having a bad day or may not be ready for this conversation then please don’t continue reading this post this is a heavy post and im also new here to Reddit and this page. Is anyone else concerned about the global conflicts building up? I’m a 25m and it’s hard to see all the crap men in general have to deal with in our society and what we all go through that women are happily ignoring. My main concern is the draft. With recruitment numbers dwindling in the US plus they are already recalling the people who got out in the past couple years the future for fighting age men looks bleak. I try to keep a positive attitude and this is a heavy conversation but it has to be said. We are men who being told that masculinity is toxic, and many believe men are the problem. women say they don’t need men but when it hits the fan we’re the ones who are told we have to go fight a war we don’t want. A war started by politicians who are too old to fight and some seem happy to send us. We have to fight in a war we don’t want by people who don’t care about us, by a society that half of it hates us. We can’t provide for our families many of us don’t have one because we can’t afford it housing prices are astronomical. If we do get married and start a family the other is rewarded to break it up. If we do fight and survive what’s even in it for us? The US dollar is worth a fraction of what it was even a few years ago. We as men have the worst hand ever dealt. Our economy is actually worse than the Great Depression. Many of us aren’t fit for the draft estimated 77% of men in the US are not qualified for military service (drugs, mental health issues, obesity, crime etc) what’s really in it for us? I know there will probably be comments saying “suck it up” “go cry about it” And I know this is a heavy post but I’m hoping some of you guys have advice or some wisdom and I could be overthinking all of this it just feels like a lot of weight right now and I don’t want to bring anyone down but I feel like I’m the only one actually worried, out of the people around me. If I do get drafted I’m gonna go. I hope I’m not the only one who feels like they just want to be left alone and make money buy a house a live the American dream but I know not everyone is against us there are still women that think masculinity isn’t toxic and I know some politicians don’t want war and I do hope the good prevails and things start looking up. Things may change in our favor maybe public opinion on men will change after and we may actually be appreciated for what we do and bring to society.