Okay so I'm sorry but the only sources I've got are French-talking newspapers because it happened in Switzerland. source

Please DO NOT trust google translate on this, I've tried it and it adds very big errors of meaning that change the article (ask a French talking friend I guess if you're really not trusting)

But basically a woman tried to kill her husband:

  • she has text messages on her phone with her flirting with another man and writing "First I must get rid of the old man"


  • fed him sleeping pills, then hit him with a frying pan long and hard enough to break its handle, he woke up, she pepper sprayed him and tried to gun him down but didn't know how to use the gun (after texting to her forementionned "friend" (as she qualifies him) demands how to use it.) Then she stabbed him once in the back and tried to hit him with a hammer.

  • He fled to the neighbors house.

Guess what ?

She pleads legitimate defense from a violent husband. (proven wrong btw) and several other versions.

She also got released for now.

Opposition asks for 8 years of jail, defenses says she "ACTED UNDER EMOTION"

Guys imagine yourself doing that to your girlfriend and pleading emotional problems to justify yourself... imagine that...

Just felt like it should have been shared as a reminder this shit happens here too, will post update if it's given.

UPDATE: 4 years of jail sentence