Gillette commercial ad

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What the fuck. So I've (21M) been hearing a lot of things about the "controversial" gillette ad these past few days. I usually don't pay attention to this kind of thing but the video popped up while I was browsing youtube. 1.1 million dislikes over ~600 K likes. Now seeing this I thought to myself "wow, how controversial can an ad get to have more dislikes than likes?". So naturally I watched the thing.

It's a video telling you to behave like a decent fucking human being. Why the fuck are people so mad about this? If you're mad over this fucking ad, that tells me a lot about your shit personality. If this ad personally offended you, I can tell what kind fucked up shit you probably did to your peers. There is NOTHING controversial about this. In the video there's a father stopping a child from getting bullied. There's a man stopping his friend from cat-calling a woman. There's a man de-escalating a situation.

The only people that would find this controversial are the misogynistic neck beards that are going to have to "find" another razor company to tame their filthy facial fecal hairs due to all the bullshit they're sprouting.

So Gillette, as a college male I still find your razors pretty over-priced, but I really hope you don't apologize for that ad, because I think it was great fucking message.

*Note: sorry for all the swearing