Got friends who think that CDC report that says as many men are raped as women, and that 80% of those who rape men are women is bunk because no other source has similar data? Well, now you can tell them that's bunk. A paper has just been published that cites a source of data from the Online College Social Life Survey (OCSLS), sample size over 22,000, actually bigger than the sample size of the 2010 CDC report. It says that "that about 85–90% of “raped” men in their sample were raped by women, and that 13.4% of male subjects had been raped and that 21.3% of female subjects had been raped". (Does not really contradict the CDC data, because this is strictly a college population, and the CDC is the general population.)

Why is a citation important? Why not use the original source? Because the source is a conference presentation, not a printed manuscript. It seems this data has never been in print until now. Yes, unfortunately that means you cannot show the original source to those who INSIST on questioning this data. You can only show them this peer-reviewed manuscript which cites the source, which is Kuperberg. (By the way, if I'm wrong and someone can find the original source, do let me know). By the way, this paper also gives its main result, which are that 29% of men have sexually coerced a woman and that 17% of women have sexually coerced a man (though that's actually from another paper). Anyway, here's a link to the manuscript