I've posted this once before, but as I've dug deeper I've found more and more agencies and human rights abusers to add to this. Imagine if MEN had this same support system in place to secure equal rights to their own children, the women would be outraged.

Gentlemen, THIS chart shows you exactly what you're up against in trying to be a father. For those of you who have never been dragged into the anti-family court system, consider yourselves lucky.

For those who are ok with handing over YOUR hard earned money to a woman, you probably won't give 2 cents about this.

BUT if you have Son's, brothers, uncles, Dads, grandfathers, who aren't happy giving their hard earned money to deadbeats who refuse to work, please have a look at this, share it, talk about it, and make the women in and around your lives aware of this abomination.