Back story: My ex and I have been going back and forth got the better part of 14 years in regards to custody, child support, visitation. After about 12 years of my son's violent outbursts, poor performance in school, and threats she finally had enough and just gave me custody of my son. Never telling me of ask what had lead up to this as she kept pretty right wraps on their household because I would always bring it up in one of the usual 4-5 times we went to court a year. So my son lived with me, and slowly he starts to decline. Grades, attitude, self worth, everything. I start trying to have him see a professional and he's diagnosed with ADHD, Depression, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and binge eating. I then try and have him placed in outpatient intensive therapy. I also try and have him placed on meds and each time I try this, try and salvage my son's future, my ex intervenes. Punishment, rewards, talking to him calmly, goals, nothing seemed to work to help him. He even attacked me. Finally he ran away back to his mother's. Fast forward to now. I made an agreement with her and her attorney that the fsa I had to set up, because she refused to help out in any shape or form with him, could be used for him. There are a lot of complicated numbers that went in to offset the child support I'm paying. But to sum up now I am beside myself because I just a letter because she filed to have the agreement dissolved because she wants more money and even impersonated my wife to gain access to my medical records. She did this to show that there was no money left on the card and even went so far as to admit she knew medical procedures I had. Information she would not be privy. I don't even know where to begin in retaliation. I'm just beside myself because I now have to go BACK to court again and I can't even afford an attorney anymore.