I hope this isnt taken the wrong way. I believe that what im about to say is something that a father would say to his boy.

After watching sexism incarnate that is the gilette commercial, I got to thinking that they got some things half right. As social critics we have to be impartial and look at the positives and negatives of everything we uncover.

We may uncover alot of hatred towards men. I pity young boys in the hell fire of a corrupt school system.

These systems are bigger than us and it can be scary. For all the bravery and courage that men exude I think its important to let ourselves be fearful and sad. To even cry sometimes because I believe it is a good release.

But dont release too much! Get up and face your demons head on. Never think about suicide, but fight to the death with everything u got!

The future is grim ill admit. Hatred for trump(im not judging trump, but its a fact that he is hated by many in power.) is building more and more misandry in the world.

If those that hate us can do such evil to somebody as innocent as a little boy. imagine what they can do to u? And imagine the worst.

I wouldnt put it passed our enemies to torture and kill us in secret sometime in the future. I can feel the hate exuding from them. Its something to prepare for but never to act untill they throw the first punch! And that is crucial.

Some men willingly surrender themselves to weakness. Weakness, even in crying, is not something men have in their blood.

So cry your tears but get up and fight your enemies! Let the tears be your strength. And never be afraid to cry together for your abused boys and fallen men.