This is something that striked me after reading a lot of news outlets. One of the simplest example is cheating. You can find tons of article about women being proud of cheating or glorifying these women (4 5) . But men who cheated have "toxic masculinity" and their behavior is seen as pathological (1 2 3).

Another example are example of child sexual abuse where women are described as having sex , like having an affair or made fun of . More example here: 9 10 11 12

There is also that weird trend of female sexual liberation where women are encouraged to sexualize and objectify men at every turn. You can find several event with topless waiters (who usually wear an apron without underwear) at charity works. It happens during those ladies night charity 6 7 8 . Knowing what happens during these female events with (half) naked men (groping, abuse, sexual harassement and agression), I cannot imagine the same things with reversed gender being glorified or even accepted, even though "no touching" policy is more likely to be enforced for female waiters. Women's abusive behaviors toward this kind of staff is even glorified and made fun of

The rise of this kind of events and behaviors seems also tied to the progressive ban of men only events and clubs and glorification of women only events and clubs. And every female only events look an acceptable motivation (in the eyes of society) to be sexually liberated by sexualizing and objectifying men. While men sexuality, even looking at porn, is seen as problematic and as a sign of something wrong and toxic within men and masculinity 13 14 . Any kind of sexual activity by women is seen as empowering, acceptable or progressive but at the same time male sexuality is deemed as creepy, unhealthy or dangerous. Women hiring naked men (who probably get groped and toyed with) to charity events is "cheeky" or "naughty. But male gaze is a public issue. Women raping boys is a normal sexually behavior but men cheating with adult women is problematic.

It is a double standard perfectly seen when we see more and more censorship/outrage when women are depicted/talked in a sexual way in media/movies/tv shows etc. While sex talk by women objectifying men is glorified. (feminists often say "women don't rape so we can do it but you can't").

What is your opinion on that ? I want to talk about it instead of just think about it in my corner.

Ps: sorry for the numbers.

Edit-good points raised in the comments: double standards about sex toys and commenting about the other gender body.