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DM tries to force Player to relive sexual assault

June 25, 2021

DM tries to force Player to relive sexual assault

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I'll try to be as tasteful as possible with my descriptions but should still start off with a trigger warning for rape.

I don't use reddit much anymore but youtube started recommending me a bunch of videos from here and I thought I'd throw in my most horrific D&D story, this was several years ago now and I was at uni, heres the lineup with all names changed:

Carol - our DM, friend of a friend that I just barely knew

Rachel - flatmate and closest friend there, invited me to the game

Julie - another close friend and ex girlfriend of mine

Emily - reserved girl I had only seen around

You may have noticed that everyone here is a woman, I am not a woman, this is unfortunately relevant.

I had played with those girls minus Emily before but with an extra person as the acting DM at the time, Carol was kind of weird but nothing horrible during that campaign so when I was invited to join this one I thought it'd be fun, they had already done a few sessions so I rolled up a scaled monk named Braig and started attending. Something noteworthy that story aside, I still think was a fun idea, is that every several sessions, instead of adventuring the group would instead do a real time night at the tavern, it was an excuse to have a few drinks, talk with everyone out-of-character and do silly things in-character. These tavern sessions are the main scenes of this story, and the rest of the sessions were mostly normal.

The first several months went great, only thing in retrospect is that a lot of the female NPCs were specifically described by Carol as staring at Braig or blowing kisses or making flirty comments while we were adventuring, including the main villain at one point, but I shrugged it off as him being buff and having reasonable charisma, being the only male character in the party it was hard to pick it out as odd at the beginning. This spilled over to the taverns, now I had specifically made Braig canonically a lightweight with his booze in hopes that some fun shenanigans would ensue, didn't have anything specific in mind but Carol often took that and used it to take control of Braig away and just kind of assert that he seduced or was seduced by a patron or barmaid. It wasn't that big a deal to me beyond being annoying, but I was having enough fun talking with everyone out of character, and she always did the DM's due diligence in fading to black before anything graphic happened.

Until one fateful night at a tavern, this was a particularly big occasion for the town we were in, the bandits and the corrupt band of mercenaries being paid protection money, were both disbanded as we had caught the man leading both. Everyone in the town partying, more music and drinking and dancing into the night. Carol decided that because of the raving atmosphere, my drunken monk and the lass that had most recently fell for his apparently astronomical inebriated charm were getting down in the open rather than a private room. Braig began disrobing her (without my input), to which one girl asked why we were getting a description for this one. Carol giggled and said "well now its in the open so eeeeeveryone can see" before continuing without skipping a beat. She went on to describe Braig's body, she described a birthmark on his side, specified that he was uncircumcised and gave a length for his dick. None of these things were established about the character that I made, but all accurately described me. I happened to know by this point that Carol's best friend was a girl I had spent a few nights with the year prior, so how she had this information wasn't much of a puzzle, but man was she determined to use it. She began to describe large gash-like scars on """Braig's""" back, something I was and still am super self-conscious about, and was doing a gesture with her arms to demonstrate how the woman was running her fingers along them. I grabbed Carol's arm in the middle of her gesturing and demanded she stop, and she did, but only after an exasperated "fiiiiiiiine." I really should've left there and not come back. Thought about it, made the dumb-ass decision to instead completely forget about it and let my guard down again that very same night.

After the partying was done and the evening had moved onto the group talking, the topic at some point became everyone's first time having sex. I don't remember who asked but given that one person at that table was clearly hornier than the rest I'm willing to bet it was Carol. We were all several drinks in and good friends at this point, the group had been active over 6 months now, so the girls all went telling their story about a boy, or another girl, or that they hadn't had a partner, and everyone looked at me. I supposed that we were close enough for me to share a tale with the group about a girl who's stand-in name for this post will be Mona. With as little detail not relevant to this story as possible: When Mona was a senior in high school, she met, befriended, strung along, and finally forced herself sexually onto my 12 year old self. Most of the people listening to my story, being you know, friends with functioning emotions, were either disgusted or empathetic. Until carol chimed in with a classic reaction "most 12 year old boys would LOVE for that to happen", I was unfortunately very used to having this reaction or one similar, but it still visibly angered me to the point that Rachel picked up on it, stood up suddenly announcing it was late, and grabbed my hand leading me out of the room where we packed up and left.

I didn't go to the next session, or the one after that, and I wish I could tell you that I never went again but unfortunately, as established prior, I was a dumb-ass. Being convinced by Rachel and Julie, both of whom evidently had judgement as bad as mine, I showed up for a session. Braig was re-integrated into the story and given a free level for stuff that I guess he was doing on his own during the missing time. The first session back was fine, but the second session, oh the second session. In the second session we met the captain of the guards of a nearby city, a girl named Mona. Surely it was just already planned and is a coincidence, Mona wasn't an uncommon name? Again, dumb-ass. Mona was okay, pretty flat character, at one point punched a thug in the skull so hard his head caved or something. The third session we opened at the tavern, apparently offscreen the party befriended Mona and invited her with. Barely 10 minutes into the night, I was told to roll a strength check with disadvantage for intoxication, which doesn't make sense on a few levels. When I failed I was told that Mona had jumped Braig, pinned him to the ground looking down at him with a big grin, and groping him with one hand.

I silently stood up, and walked out without a second's thought. Shortly after I got back, Rachel showed up at the door with the bag I had left there and told me pretty much everyone had followed me out after they recovered from what they were witnessing. Everyone besides carol I stayed in contact with, Emily reached out to me the next day because at the time we only knew each other through the campaign and she later became one of my best friends.There were a lot of giant red flags and I really should've been able to see this turning out poorly long before I left, but I never imagined she would take it that far. I was stopped while walking by Carol's best friend a few days later, telling me that she had a crush on me and was "just a little awkward in how she expresses it", sure could've fucking fooled me, seemed a lot more like she wanted me to have a breakdown. I never spoke to either of them again.

Thats my horror story, possibly also the absolute worst way to tell someone that you're interested in the history of mankind.

P.S. She's tried to contact me several times, as recently as 5 months ago at time of writing Carol got ahold of my discord somehow, DMed me introducing herself, saying its been a while, asking if I have a girlfriend, asking if I wanted her nudes, and sending one anyway the next day all without me responding.

Edit: I wrote this and went to bed fully expecting some comments from people who share Carol's opinion on my story with Mona, but woke up to nothing but more support and attention than I ever imagined this story would get, thanks guys that means a lot

Edit 2: Nevermind the comments are still all lovely but now I'm getting DMs about my past trauma being invalid, good work internet.

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Absolutely disgusting. As a GM (I have my own system and world, use different title), I'm especially disgusted.

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bit late on me realizing this was crossposted, and I'm not entirely sure it fits in this sub. It isn't a mens rights issue just one toxic person

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