I'm going to post something that could be shocking, but I think many others are coming to terms with this as well.

I believe feminism has been heavily infiltrated by the CCP.

I believe much of the divisiveness we thought was feminism was really a very old invasion tactic, in which you convince your opponents to become terrified of one another, which destroys them from the inside out.

Propaganda uses various props, such as feminism or liberalism to incite a kind of fear and hate in each other. It works at the emotional level, so the intellectual mind doesn't even see it coming. It's as if you are destroying yourself and you have no idea why. (Truly, you really don't see it. I have mental training for stuff like this, and it took me this long to notice!)

Ever wonder why "masculinity is toxic"? Consider it's likely "sCCPience".

Those places where you get "insta-banned" for saying anything negative about Feminism? Or positive about men?

Try mentioning propaganda infiltration involving circular firing squads, mention that idea of the ??P using republicans and democrats as a theatre for division.

Mention how republicans and democrats have a lot more in common with each other than they do the CCP. :)

Watch how fast you get banned.

So, I'm going to assume our minds have been brainwashed, right along with the women, on the topic of modern feminism.

When someone ingests a lot of propaganda they will form their identity (at least in part) from it. It kind of reminds me of a Dr. Who episode where the cybermen get cloned.

If this freaks you out, I wrote another post on another sub, that has (thankfully) not been overrun called "propaganda invasions can be beat". I've been trying to get people to wake up to this, quickly.

Propaganda isn't what most of us think it is. It doesn't attack the mind, it doesn't control you with thoughts, it controls with emotions.