Feminists and ex-feminists: What info/event made you become an egalitarian?

August 30, 2021

The destinction here being that you stopped believing (if you ever did) that the issues men face are one or more of the following:

  • a) insignificant when compared to women's issues
  • b) actually misogyny (e.g. benevolent sexism) or "privilege backfiring"
  • c) issues of the individual (e.g. men would receive help, they just chose not to speak up) vs. systemic and societal
  • d) insufficient to negate a "male privilege"
  • e) for any other reason different to misogyny to a degree that justifies not using the term misandry and thus only accepting them as second class issues

It may be frustrating to some when they have to face the fact that a lot of people are reluctant to listen and willing to dismiss significant amounts of evidence and - most importantly - suffering in order to preserve those beliefs. It may thus be helpful to know who and what made you listen and change your mind. What info were you missing? What info was just too incompatible with your previously held beliefs?

Not everyone is the same and some may just not be open to change. Cassie Jaye, for example, who brought her sister to feminism, is now incapable of educating her on it.

Still, some may benefit from knowing how others managed to escape and finally advocate for equality in an inclusive and consistent manner.

What's your story?

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