Fix the problems that men face at the bottom of society, and the problems that women face at the top will go away too

December 26, 2019

A lot of discussion has been made on the topic of a glass ceiling for women. Which is this idea that no matter how hard a woman tries, she can only get so far in life. Obviously this is no longer the case given that there are quite a few female CEOs and heads of state. But I don't deny that it might be harder for a woman to advance and succeed to that level in comparison to a man

A lot less discussion has been had about the so-called glass floor though. The glass floor represents a theoretical bottom that a woman can fall to in society. Generally speaking, women are far less likely to be homeless, commit suicide, become incarcerated, face hunger, be the victims of crime, or face other forms of suffering and destitution. To the extent that it might be harder for a woman to succeed in life, it is also much harder for a woman to fail in life. And because there are far more people at the bottom of society than there are at the top, the glass floor effects more people than the glass ceiling does.

Men are less likely to receive help and assistance at pretty much every level of society, including at the bottom. And this results in untold amounts of suffering and injustice. It is essentially a mark of privilege to be able to talk about the problems we have at the top, since you do not anticipate that you will ever suffer from any of the problems that effect people at the bottom.

While I don't think we should ignore the glass ceiling completely, I think it is much more important to address the (lack of) a glass floor for men.

In fact, it may very well be that women are pushed out of the top because men have a greater incentive to avoid falling to the bottom. More men strive and struggle to make it to the top because they are aware of what failure looks like for a man. If men were more comfortable and secure in life, it would open up more room at the top for women to occupy. Fix ("patch up") the glass floor, and maybe we might find that the glass ceiling disappears as well.

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Title Fix the problems that men face at the bottom of society, and the problems that women face at the top will go away too
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