Having a civil discussion on a post regarding consent laws. I stated that my opinion was that minors should be responsible for properly disclosing their age in order for a claim of statutory rape to be valid.

After a civil conversation with a couple of other members of the sub one person in particular seemed quite disagreeable and closed minded. u/anahawkinss disagreed with my statement quite passionately. At first things were alright and we discussed our positions mostly respectfully but after I had dismantled some of the other users arguments are reiterated my own point and that they weren’t going to change my mind the unthinkable happened.

This user on Reddit in the leading mens rights subreddit no less, decided that since they and I had a different opinion and that I wouldn’t change my mind because of them that I must be a pedophile. u/anahawkinss attempted a number of times in several of their comments to assassinate my character with false and slanderous statements along the lines of me being a “pedo”.

I think it is absolutely shameful for a person who runs out of arguments to resort to personal attacks and especially one so heinous. In the men’s rights subreddit of all places to make such a wild and baseless statement.

I sincerely hope that this post brings awareness to this users conduct and I hope the moderators of this subreddit will take notice and do something to prevent occurrences like this from taking place within our subreddit in the future.