It's pretty clear that men face a lot of unique disparities, just like women, but there seems to be less of a cultural focus on reducing them.

My question is, how can I, as a woman, help? One solution I've heard is that organizations dedicated to serving women disproportionately affected by a specific trend should shift their mission to include services to men. I can see this being helpful, but I can also see why it may be a lot to ask, especially if that organization was specifically created to dedicate resources to a female disparity, especially if that issue is still super prevalent. (For example both men and women are victims of domestic abuse, but since women are more likely to be killed by their partner than a man, asking an organization that's trying to reduce that disparity to dedicate some of their limited resources towards men might detract from their ability to address the overall disparity, which still continues).

An alternative suggestion I've heard is that we should be encouraging men to start their own nonprofits and organizations dedicated to addressing those issues that disproportionately affect men, the same way women have done. For example, men are the sole victims of false paternity claims, so maybe people could create an organization dedicated to paying for paternity tests for men who can't afford it, or an organization which advocates for confidential paternity testing after delivery (aka the man can request one from a provider in private before the birth certificate is signed, in a manner that avoids confrontation with their partner). I think this is a great idea and am curious how other people feel about it.

Are there other solutions that I'm missing? What are some ways that women can support men in reducing men's issues, without slowing our ability to address our own issues?