I'm just curious how much other fathers on here are paying in child support. My own child support situation has been detrimental to my financial, physical, mental, and spiritual health, but I'm trying to just suck it up and move past it.

My kid is only two and a half and still in daycare, so I have another year left of paying $1,300 per month until I can (hopefully) get it reduced to closer to $850. I've been told by some people that the odds of getting it reduced are slim to none, while others said that the courts will just stick to whatever the calculator says, and if there is no more full-time daycare, then that would fall off.

Even still, paying the mother over $15,000 per year when she's already making $150K between salary and bonus just feels like a slap in the face and feels like I'll be stuck on the hamster wheel for at least the next 15 years — if not for the remainder of my life. We were going to go to mediation at the beginning of the year, but she blindsided me with a petition in the court for full custody and child support. It's been nearly a year now since I first got the email from her lawyer, but I still think about it nearly every day.

How much are you guys paying and how has it affected your own personal situation and your relationship with your kid(s)? And how to you move past it mentally? I've considered every scenario from selling my building and moving in with family to just disappearing to unaliving myself... As it is now, it's totally unsustainable and I'm going into more credit card debt each month and every few weeks I get an email from Experian about how my credit score keeps falling.