How my life has changed since passing as male

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I was born female and did not start transitioning until I was 26. I’ve been on testosterone for almost two years and here is a list of things that are noticeably different in how others treat me: (In no particular order)

  1. People are much ruder to me now. I was honestly surprised by how few “oh excuse me” “I’m so sorry” I was getting.

  2. People are quick to get aggressive with me. If I just make a simple mistake, people jump on me and say unnecessarily harsh words. Also, women have made threats to hit me, over the smallest things. (That NEVER happened when I was a woman)

  3. Women blurt out rude or random opinions they have based on my appearance. That happened sometimes as a woman, but now I can hardly interact without a woman commenting on how short I am, or how “gross and baggy” my eyes are, or some other random thing.

  4. People assume I’m lazy.

  5. I lived with my grandparents as a child, and my grandma babysat tons of different kids. I’ve always been around children and it’s never been a big deal. But now, I can’t even say “how cute” about a baby without getting side eyed or disgusted looks.

  6. I’m expected to drop everything and help women.

  7. People are less interested in hearing what I have to say.

  8. I’ve been called an “inc*l” by a woman that was flirting with me. It was flattering, but I told her no thanks. She got angry and then I explained “I’m sorry, but I have a boyfriend”, and then she just spewed homophobic crap.

  9. Idk if this only applies just where I live, but I’ve noticed no one respects men’s privacy. I’m always expected to tell everyone, everything, at anytime.

  10. I’m called a misogynist so often now. I tend to stay away from media that features mostly women because: A) “female empowerment” stuff gives me tons of dysphoria. B) It’s just obnoxious. But if I dare say something like that, even in trans male spaces, I get jumped.

  11. Everything involving men is toxic. Trans men are expected to hold onto femininity or they’re toxic. If a trans man wants to pass as male, they’re toxic. The trans “community” shouts “trans men are men!” And then proceeds to get angry if we behave as such or make the changes.