I teach CPR as a side job. I recently had to go through an instructor update course for the new 2020 American Heart Association guidelines.

One section was devoted to “disparities in education.” It talked about how Black and Hispanic communities have lower rates of bystander intervention for cardiac arrest, but it also stated that women are less likely to receive CPR from bystanders.

In my professional opinion, this is because in our Neo-feminist-enabling, #metoo, Sue-happy, modern culture, men have been programmed to fear EVER touching a woman they don’t have explicit consent from.

“Oh god, I can’t go near her breasts! What if she’s just unconscious? Then she wakes up and me with my hands all over her chest? No thanks!” It’s hard to know the difference if you’re not trained. Good Samaritan laws are not universal. They’re good in some states and bunk in others.

“AHA says what?! Expose her chest when doing CPR for AED pads to be placed?! Are you nuts?! I’m not doing that! You do it!” In this scenario people would probably try to work around her clothing (wasting time) or even place the pads on top of her clothing, which renders the pads completely ineffective (another issue the updated guidelines had to address).

In essence, hyper-feminism has amplified bystander syndrome to extreme levels, and women may well be literally dying of cardiac arrest because of it.

Edit: It was pointed out to me that this post may actually broaden the issue of bystander syndrome in the minds of some. I was just making an observation of why the trend might be occurring; IN NO WAY DO I ADVOCATE NON-INTERVENTION DURING A CASE OF CARDIAC ARREST. If someone is arresting, HELP THEM! Their literal life is in your hands, politics be damned. You are protected under the law in the overwhelming majority of cases, as long as your efforts were made in good faith. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find an instance where you would be charged with anything.