Hypergamy is the root cause of both the wage gap and the child care gap. It doesn't just harm men, but also harms women.

April 13, 2020

It is a simple fact that women prioritize a man's earnings capabilities when it comes to dating and marriage.

Several academic studies have demonstrated this.

For example,

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US marriage rates may be dipping because of a shortage of financially stable men, study suggests


Men are encouraged to work longer hours at harder jobs because they know it's necessary if they want a girlfriend or a wife. This results in worse health outcomes, a shorter life expectancy, higher stress levels, and an overall worse quality of life.

But this isn't just an issue that negatively effects men. Two of the biggest effects of hypergamy should be pretty obvious: the wage gap, and the child care gap.

Besides just effecting the choices that women make in their careers (by prioritizing a high earning husband over a high earning job), it also effects tangential issues like women not being taken as seriously in the workplace.

Because men work longer hours and at harder jobs, they earn more money than women. But they also have less time and energy at home to take care of their children and do the cooking and cleaning.

Addressing hypergamy would therefore not just help men but also women.

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