I demand an apology from the feminist establishment, not just for Donna Hylton's despicable, inhuman and sick psychopath crime but also for typically embracing and condoning her by feminists absence of ostracism, contempt and disgust and letting her be a speaker at a women's march in 2017

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If I would grope a woman's ass without consent, many feminists will consider me an inhuman and despicable monster for the rest of my life, even if I would genuinely have remorse, got legally punished and apologized for it, but Donna gets embraced, are you kidding me 🤨

In addition, a few months ago I saw in the news of the television that a man got 32 years for killing a female cop with a gun (without lots of days of sick, despicable, gender-hating and inhuman torture) and Donna got 26 years, this is a joke. It is no secret that female abusers get handled with kid gloves.