Quick back story: First i never really did dating apps. I never liked the idea of them but 2 years after tinder came out i let my friends talk me into it. I thought why not. I had 2 female friends that i hung out with often at the time. They seemed to be having a great time on it. Going on dates and such. I downloaded tinder and go in completely innocent. Fully reading profiles. Swiping right even on women that werent the best looking but that i wanted to give a chance to because why not, she might be a good girl right? What i got in return is two matches in a month (which was dissapointing, im a decent looking guy and have no problems meeting women IRL) both of which were literally the most boring converstions Ive ever had. Literally nothing i couldve said wouldve given those chats any life. So given that experience i gave up and deleted it.

Fast forward to now. I recently heard about bumble. Where even after you match, women have to make the first move for the chat to activate. I thought "this is more my style" so i downloaded it.

About an hour after downloading i got a match. Guess what she opened with? "Hey". I couldnt help but laugh but i didnt want to be a jerk so i just said hey back. We had a pretty interesting convo and i invited her to come watch the baseball game with me since i had an extra ticket. She said it was too early to come out. Fair enough. We had a good chat but after several red flags i stopped talking to her.

I continued my bumble journey and noticed something very quickly. Every profile is the same. Same pictures (one drinking wine in a garden type setting, one hiking, one with a pet or animal etc), Same bios, Same responses to the "more about me" style questions, and as i started getting more matches (way more than tinder) they all open with the same lines that they hate men open up with. "Hey, whats up, hows it going, hi hows your day." I had a recent match that instantly started laying all of her problems on me how she didnt want to be pumped and dumped anymore, how she only wanted to meet up if i was serious about a future with someone (that one freaked me out so i stopped replying).

I just find all of this hilarious and so hypocritical. How they hate this type of behavior from men but then go on to do everything they say they hate and on top of it all expect us to accept it. What they dont realise is most men would love a relationship with someone we like but we would also rather be alone than with someone that stresses us out. Our peace comes first and fellas... keep it that way. We are not disposable utilities. We are human beings with needs and feelings. If youre dating, take care of yourself out there and be careful.