This would be a lovely ad if it had come out independently, just as a nice thing to do for men out of the blue.

But it wasn't, and I don't think it's good as an answer to the Gillete one. The stats it mentions are important and matter but they're not relevant here, because they don't get to the heart of this matter.

This ad only exists as a response to the Gillette ad. So what does it achieve in those terms?

It never confronts the problems with that ad at all. The gilette ad suggests a dystopian world where men are the problem.

And the product matters. Men are the problem, and the problem to such a degree that during even the most masculine of moments, shaving, their attitude towards women should be playing on their mind.

It showed up something stark, the idea that anything distinctly masculine remaining is to be converted for women (In a very Emma Watson HeforShe way). It's almost as bad as to be like an ad with a talking tampon telling women to watch their pms for the sake of their menfolk.

Men were unjustly attacked in that ad. But this ad never actually says there's anything wrong with that.

This ad just lists facts that whilst true, are close to non sequitur.

Talking Tampon: "Women are total bitches! Most of them anyway!"

Women's Watch's response ad: "Women make 100% of babies"

That men have love and humanity should be a given, is a given. . At this moment it's men's independence that needs to be asserted.

And then it ends by saying "well, yeah, but they're trying." Trying. TRYING. It's accepting the charges.

If anything it makes it worse. It's like the good cop who says "Sure! But he's got problems at home!" after the bad cop has made a false accusation and they're trying to make their beleagured suspect feel responsible for something he didn't do.

I'm not suggesting they're in cahoots with gillette, just that I don't buy that they're wading in for men, this isn't enough, and I don't get the rapturous acclaim theyre getting for it.

That gilette ad was pure feminist misandry, and it needs to be answered with fire. Because otherwise they'll think they can continue to do it.